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Family Reading Night at The Conflict Center

Date: April 8, 2016

On Thursday, May 5th, The Conflict Center will host a very special Family Reading Night from 6:00 to 8:00 pm at 4140 Tejon Street in The Conflict Center’s library.   The event is designed to encourage parents and kids to practice reading over the summer, with books that focus on friendship, feelings, problem solving, respect, differences, relationship building, bullying and peacemaking.   Our Reading for Peace volunteers will be assisting with tips on how to ask questions that help with reading comprehension and open up discussions on these important topics.

This event will be a fun and interactive time for children to have positive adult attention, practice reading and learn how to apply conflict and anger management skills in their daily lives.  A picnic style dinner will be provided and pajamas and slippers are welcome to facilitate bedtime following the event.

Family Reading Night will be held in partnership with The Bookies.  Specially selected books from The Bookies will be available for sale at the event and for a week after at The Bookies bookstore at 4315 E. Mississippi Avenue.  A portion of sales from any books purchased at the Family Reading Night or at The Bookies from May 6th through 13th will benefit The Conflict Center’s School Programs.  When you go shopping at The Bookies and are ready to check out, let the cashier know that you are shopping to benefit The Conflict Center.  If you are paying with cash or check, The Conflict Center will get 20% of the transaction.  If you pay with a credit card, The Conflict Center will get 15% (these percentages include a 5% donation from The Bookies). Free gift wrapping is also offered at The Bookies.

For more information or to RSVP contact The Conflict Center at 303-433-4983.





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