Instructor Training Program

Our purpose is to nurture competent and empowered instructors to inspire behavior change in clients and achieve excellence in delivery of The Conflict Center curriculum.

We invite you to become part of a growing community of individuals committed to promoting healthy and peaceful ways of handling anger and conflict and strengthening relationships.   This program is designed for volunteers and interns who are interested in teaching our Anger Management Classes to youth and adults.  Our training is an empowerment process that allows the instructor to become familiar with conflict resolution and social emotional learning theory and concepts.   The Conflict Center provides hands-on training, orientation and support in a fun and positive work environment.

Throughout the training process you will learn…

  • How to create safe space
  • Our conflict and anger management classes curriculum
  • Effective communication skills through active listening and assertive communication
  • How to teach healthy techniques to deescalate and eliminate unhealthy stress and anger
  • How to effectively negotiate with others to get  needs met
  • About your own conflict history and style
  • About managing conflict styles and triggers
  • How to turn problems into possibilities
  • How to build “power with” not “power over” others
  • Express feelings without blaming others
  • About your cultural sensitivity
  • How to facilitate youth and adult groups
  • About your teaching style and effectiveness

For more information contact the Volunteer and Intern Coordinator at or call 303-433-4983



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