"I learned that some people are better at things that you like but that you are not so good at. You should not get mad and if the person is bigger and meaner than you talk to them and try to talk to them try to put them in your shoes."
Ayla, Student

Our History

4140 Tejon Street Denver, CO 80211

The Conflict Center (TCC) began nearly thirty years ago with the vision of the late Elizabeth Loescher who started TCC out of her basement on Nov. 12, 1987. Ms. Loescher was a classroom teacher who found a significant portion of her time was being spent refereeing her students’ disagreements and conflicts. Because the time spent as a referee detracted from her time as an educator, she decided to develop a curriculum that teaches young people the skills they need to manage many of their own conflicts in the classroom or on the playground. The curriculum she devised is called Peacemaking Made Practical and was originally designed for elementary school students. It now has been adapted for middle and high school students. This school-based curriculum has been proven to be effective based on empirical data and forms the basis for The Conflict Center’s Schools Program. 

Since The Conflict Center began, the programs offered have expanded from the school curricula and now include programs to teach conflict resolution and violence prevention skills to the greater population. The Conflict Center (TCC) provides services to not only schools, but also individuals – both youth and adults, families, and organizations.  TCC works with groups of people in a variety of settings, involving them in exercises which teach communication skills, consequences, negotiation, values clarification, and refusal skills. Self-esteem is built by helping participants handle daily hassles and conflict effectively.

In addition, in line with TCC’s goal to provide assistance to anyone who desires their services, all services are provided based on a sliding fee scale with at least 50% of services provided to low income people. 




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