Ron Ludwig

Ron Ludwig, BA

Executive Director

  • Received his Bachelor’s degree in History from the University of Colorado at Denver.
  • Completed a leadership training program with Center for Creative Leadership in Colorado Springs.
  • Gained teaching and training experience through instructing a class on Non-profit Management and Accounting at Metro State College of Denver.
  • Performed trainings in non-profit accounting for various leadership programs.
  • Has received training and attended conferences on Social Norming.
  • Presented on The Conflict Center’s Social Norms Anti-Bullying Campaign at the Colorado Council of Mediators 2006 Fall Conference.
  • Has provided accounting and business management services to both small business and non-profits since 1980 ;
  • Served on the board of low income housing development and several non-profits and church organizations ;
  • Demonstrated cultural competency and has worked with diverse populations ;
  • Trained in restorative justice in schools


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Ron Ludwig



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