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Addressing Conflict & Anger Effectively Instructor
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Contract Instructor/Consultant 

The Conflict Center is seeking independent contract instructors to add to our pool of highly qualified instructors for courses and workshops on conflict management, problem solving, effective communication, and other related topics. Become a member of our growing cadre committed to promoting healthy and peaceful ways of addressing conflict and anger while strengthening relationships. 

Read our current instructor Colin Johnson’s experience as an instructor here

The Conflict Center is a leader in violence prevention in our community through education, skill building, and dialogue. We provide workshops and classes to youth, adults, and organizations that allow room for people to explore the roles that conflict and anger play in their daily lives and relationships. Instructors play a critical role in creating an environment for our participants that is conducive to learning and growth. 

As part of the skill-building program, we offer a wide variety of classes and workshops We currently offer two series classes that are taught both on site, virtually and at community locations,-the adult class – Addressing Conflict and Anger Effectively (18 and older) and the youth class- Rethinking Conflict (ages 11 – 17). These series offer 12 hours of curriculum that can be spread out over several week days or taught in longer sections on the weekends. Both classes provide tools for managing emotions and controlling anger, effectively communicating feelings and needs, and improving relationships with friends and family. In addition to series classes, we offer workshops for organizations that can range in length from 2 hours to a full day, and can be virtual or in person. In addition, we are currently working to expand partnerships with schools and community centers in order to offer Restorative Parenting classes.


We are seeking individuals who share our values of inclusiveness, relationship building and peaceful conflict and anger management. At The Conflict Center we are committed to diversity in our workplace and are seeking contract instructors who reflect the diverse populations we serve. Our ideal candidate is someone who is comfortable working with both adults and youth in a variety of settings, has daytime availability/can create their own schedule, and who is interested in having a long-term working relationship with TCC. 

Contract instructors complete a yearly consultant agreement with The Conflict Center and accept assignments on an as needed basis as available. To stay active in our contract pool, we ask that you take on at least two classes or workshops a year. 

Read our current instructor Miyoko Taylor’s experience as an instructor here


Qualifications/Standards of Training:

We provide a training process that allows the contract instructor to become familiar with The Conflict Center’s philosophy and approach to conflict management. In addition to the concepts taught in the training, qualifications for contract instructors include: 

  • Comfortability with basic facilitation techniques 
  • Ability to reframe and turn problems into possibilities 
  • Adaptability and flexibility
  • Demonstration of effective communication skills through active listening and assertive communication
  • A working knowledge of the conflict and anger management approaches, as well as your own approach to anger/conflict 
  • Ability to create a learning space for diverse clientele 
  • Commitment to inclusion and equity in all aspects of their instruction/facilitation practice
  • Experience working with a wide variety of clients
  • Understanding of implicit bias, cultural responsiveness, and incorporating lived experiences into the content


Application/Onboarding Process:

  1. Submit resume and letter of interest to Rachel Protentis, Skill-Building and Training Program Manager
  2. Set up and complete a 30 minute zoom interview
  3. If invited, attend a Train the Trainer on 2/5/22 and 2/12/22 from 9am-4pm at TCC
  4. Complete observation, co-facilitation, and facilitating with mentor instruction

Pay structure is as follows:

One-hour session: $50

Two-hour session: $100

Half-day Session (three to four hours): $225

Full-day Session (five to eight hours): $350

Full series Class (either youth or adult): $500

Full Series Class, mentor (either youth or adult): $625

You will receive a $150 sign on bonus upon completion of your first co-facilitation

Read our current instructor Renee Kleck’s experience as an instructor here

For more information/to apply, please contact Rachel Protentis at 303-865-5633 or rachel.protentis@conflictcenter.org

Contact: Rachel Protentits as rachel.protentis@conflictcenter.org or 303-865-5633

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