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Alex Potesta, Former Intern 2019

The Conflict Center fostered a sense of community not found in all workplaces; the staff truly enacted the person-first philosophy by engaging interns, volunteers, and staff members alike in office-wide self and community care practices, such as monthly chair yoga, daily lunch breaks spent with peers, and plenty of celebrations. My time at TCC gave me the confidence needed to go forth in my social work career by providing a brave space to take risks, make mistakes, and learn. As an intern, I was able to attend numerous trainings on a wide variety of topics that would have otherwise been inaccessible or costly. This helped to expand my horizons and provide a more holistic approach to social work, including macro work. I recommend this internship for anyone interested in social-emotional learning, restorative practices, healthy relationships, conflict transformation, and positive youth development. In a field fraught with trauma and injustice, TCC serves as a beacon of light for social workers looking toward a transformative vision of healing. Providing service across the continuum of practice levels, TCC is both preventative and responsive, clinical and macro. If you join the team, be ready for deep reflective conversations, lots of joking, and plenty of hands-on program work. I learned just as much personally as I did professionally.

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