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Conflict Management Strategies Course for Adults

Often in our society, conflict is viewed as negative — a negative word and a negative situation that should be avoided. At The Conflict Center, we flip the script and place an emphasis on learning how to use conflict as an opportunity for growth and understanding. The techniques we teach help participants cool down, manage stress and learn how conflict can be a force for positive change. We are the only anger and conflict management class in Denver to place an emphasis on building relationships even through the presence of conflict.

Addressing Conflict and Anger Effectively is an opportunity to become equipped with new skills to communicate effectively to solve problems and build relationships. Our mix of understanding anger and emotions with conflict management skills helps participants work through defensiveness and build a shared understanding with others, ultimately finding mutually satisfactory solutions to sources of conflict.


Our classes are offered in two formats: 6-weeks (2 hours per class) or on two consecutive Saturdays (6 hours per class).

Six week classes cost $180. Two consecutive Saturday classes cost $200.

Class size averages 5-12 participants to maximize sharing time.

Classes are offered monthly.

Class Content

Addressing Conflict and Anger Effectively provides participants with a variety of skills and techniques for their toolbox that they can use when conflict arises — as it inevitably will. These skills include:

  • Find ways to cool down when you’re angry
  • Identify underlying emotions  and needs when you’re angry
  • Practice realistic alternatives to arguing and fighting
  • Recognize personal triggers
  • Identify your conflict styles
  • Explore ways to problem solve using our six-step method
  • Negotiate effectively negotiate with others to get needs met

Our Approach

In Addressing Conflict and Anger Effectively, we intentionally try to create a space where participants feel comfortable sharing, and a focus is put on learning and growing from the others in the class. Our classes are led by professional instructors skilled at facilitating and leading our unique course content. Participants can reflect on the skills that they have learned, practice using them in their daily interactions, and bring back their experience to consult with our trained instructors and discuss with the class.

Course Completion and Requirements

While this class is often used to fulfill a court ordered requirement, it is the participants responsibility to ensure this class qualifies for their specific situation. Participants receive a certificate after completion of the course.This series is preventative in nature. These classes are not designed for adults that have been convicted of multiple offenses or that have an extensive history of physical violence. If you have questions about whether these classes are appropriate for you or for your clients, please contact The Conflict Center.

How has this class impacted your life?

“I am much more likely not to shy away from conflict.”

“`{`I have`}` greater self-awareness and a greater awareness of my friends and partners conflict styles dynamics and how to break the unhealthy ones.”

“Learning the conflict resolution skills is invaluable!”

“The skills I learned were essential in dealing with many obstacles. My attitude about conflict has changed completely. I deal with my ex in a whole new manner—we have peace for our kids!”

Upcoming classes can be found on our website here or by calling the front office at 303-433-4983

We want to provide you with new ways to think about conflict and anger, with hard skills that you can practice here first in a safe environment, with a community of others who are also interested in learning. After you have completed the 12 hours of class, you will receive a certificate.

A wide variety of folks sign up for the classes at The Conflict Center. While some people attend to fulfill a requirement from the court, others attend because they are interested in gaining new skills or improving their relationships. The resulting group brings rich and diverse experiences and stories, which adds to the class environment.

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Program Highlights

Gain skills that help you recognize and manage emotions (specifically anger) in more productive ways.

Significant improvement was shown by participants on all 18 evaluation measures from pre to post survey (2018)

94% of post participants would refer someone to Addressing Conflict and Anger Effectively class.

For more information, please contact Rachel Protentis at Rachel.Protentis@conflictcenter.org or call 303.865.5633.

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