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Restorative Practices Program

Restorative Practices is a philosophy, not a curriculum focusing on building positive relationships and providing opportunities for community members to take responsibility for their behavior while remaining connected to the community.  An intentional Restorative approach fosters a compassionate, relationship-centered culture.

Furthering Your Education, Strengthening Your Restorative Practice

Effective restorative practice and implementation is achieved through ongoing learning and practice that supports restorative practitioners in challenging harmful bias, gaining tools and strategies of practice, and building a community of restorative practitioners to lean on throughout the implementation journey.

At The Conflict Center, we provide workshops for everyone, regardless of your place in your restorative practices journey. Whether you are learning about restorative practices for the first time, or you are an experienced practitioner, all participants are able to find value and new learning in our restorative practice training workshops.

For more information about training sessions please contact our Restorative Practices Coordinator at 303.865.5624 or amber.ford@conflictcenter.org

Join us at the 2024 Restorative Practices Summer Educators' Institute from June 10-12! Click the button below to register.

Restorative Practices
in Action

Building relationships that are central to community

Addressing misbehavior and harm in ways that strengthen relationships

Focusing on the harm done rather than the rule that is broken

Giving voice to the person harmed

Engaging in collaborative problem-solving

Has a dramatic personal effect on practitioners and others involved in the process

101 Introduction to Restorative Practice: Philosophy and Foundational Tenets of RP

201: Practical Skills for Community Building

301: Facilitating Formal Circles to Repair Harm

Additional Customized Trainings

Implicit Bias in Restorative Practice

Implicit bias refers to unconscious attitudes, reactions, stereotypes, and categories that affect behavior and understanding. Implicit bias often refers to unconscious racial or socioeconomic bias towards students. This half training will address how our own biases inform our restorative work., and introduce ways to be more mindful in our practice and implementation

Refresher Course

This half day training is designed for participants who have completed at least the 101 Restorative Practices training. The course reviews the basics of Restorative Practices and explores where, how and why practitioners can get stuck in implementation.

Myths and Truths of RP

This 30-minute overview gives interested parties a quick overview of the importance of Restorative Practices in schools and communities. Ideal for PTA/parent meetings and staff orientations.

Individualized Coaching

This foundation is a first step toward training students to be ambassadors of Restorative Practice in their schools. Through a broad overview of RP and with some practical skills building exercises and interactive discussions, participants will come away with a strong foundation and understanding that RP is a mindset and a new way of thinking through conflict with their peers.

Restorative Practices Summer Educators’ Institute

The Restorative Practices Educators Institute is a 3-day course designed for teachers, administrators, and wrap-around staff to learn and practice the foundations of restorative practices in a school setting. After attending the Summer Educators’ Institute, participants receive a certificate of completion and are welcomed into a community of practice with their cohort.


Day 1: Restorative Practices 101 – Philosophy and Foundational Tenets of RP

Day 2: Restorative Practices 201 – Practical Skills for Community Building

Day 3: Restorative Practices 301 – Facilitating Formal Circles to Repair Harm


Feedback from Restorative Practices Summer Educators’ Institute 2023

“It’s been transformative.”

“This was a great skills reinforcement! Thank you!”