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At the Center of Building Restorative Schools

The Conflict Center seeks to disrupt structures in schools that put barriers between young people and adults. Taking a macro-level approach to our work in schools allows us to identify patterns and begin the journey toward more restorative and healthy practices. Whether we’re training teachers or partnering with young people to talk about healthy relationships, our focus stays sharp on equipping communities with skills to choose nonviolent communication and actions. Learn more about our school offerings below.

School Programs

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Hot Spot Mapping

The Conflict Center was chosen to pilot this student-led program to help schools and other community organizations to not only identify areas for improvement related to safety and culture, but also center the community in creating solutions.

Child in School with Teacher

Restorative Practices

Restorative Practices is a philosophy, not a curriculum, that focuses on building positive relationships and providing opportunities for community members to take responsibility for their behavior while remaining connected to the community.

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Reading for Peace

As the longest running Conflict Center program, Reading for Peace is organized completely by committed volunteers. Time with children is devoted to reading and discussing books specially selected to teach and reinforce social-emotional skills.

Social Norming Ed Page

Social Norming

By educating young people about their peers’ actual behavior, we help to reduce the level of physical, verbal and emotional violence in schools through combined approaches including social marketing, sociology, behavioral psychology and evaluation research.