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Restorative Denver is a partnership between The Conflict Center and the Denver District Attorney’s Office. It offers a community-based system of restorative justice for adults referred through the program.

How Does it Work?

Video statistics are based on data from 2023. Changes or updates may have occurred since 2023.

RESTORATIVE DENVER uses a restorative practice called a community-group conference. Trained facilitators bring together the person harmed (victim), person who caused harm (offender), community members, and support people to discuss what happened, the resulting harm, who was impacted, and how the defendant can repair the harm. The conference results in a contract that the person who caused harm must complete. Once completed, The Conflict Center refers the case back to the DA’s office and the charges are dismissed and the case is sealed.

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October 2019 - January 2024

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Repairing Harm: An Alternative to Incarceration

Addressing Racial Disparities

The criminal justice system is typically designed to punish and incarcerate offenders without much consideration for restorative approaches, while burdening communities and taxpayers with financial and societal impacts. Through Restorative Denver, we disrupt inequities and racial disparities in the criminal justice system and shift energy and resources to community-based efforts as an alternative to punitive punishment and incarceration.

Partnership Overview

Benefits in the Community

Affords victims a voice
Greater public safety
Reduces recidivism
Engages and empowers the Denver community
Better outcomes
Increases understanding & empathy
Cost savings per case

Opportunities to Get Involved

Attending a corresponding training is mandatory to both positions below. After you fill out an application, you will be informed of your status within two weeks. Then you will receive a link to register for one of the upcoming trainings that fits your schedule best.

Restorative Justice Group Conference Community Member

Miembro Comunitario de Justicia Restaurativa

In The Conflict Center Community Group Conferencing model, community members represent the local community voice and are responsible for helping to identify harms done by the person who caused harm (offender) as well as suggesting potential contract items that can be completed to repair these harms. The community members have an equal voice in the process. View the detailed description and application process by clicking below.


Restorative Justice Community Group Conference Facilitator

Facilitador de Justicia Restaurativa

Restorative Justice is a responsive dialogue facilitation process that offers people who were harmed by crime an opportunity to seek answers and those who caused the harm an opportunity to take accountability to begin to repair the damage caused by conflict and/or crime. TCC’s RJ facilitators focus on the Community Group Conference (CGC) process which brings together a group of people involved in crime, including people who were harmed, people who caused harm, support people, community members, and facilitators. View the detailed description and application process by clicking below.


If you want to be considered, you (or your attorney) has to ask the Denver Attorney’s office. There is no guarantee that your case will be taken on.