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Restorative Practices Program

Restorative Practices is a philosophy, not a curriculum focusing on building positive relationships and providing opportunities for community members to take responsibility for their behavior while remaining connected to the community.  An intentional Restorative approach fosters a compassionate, relationship-centered culture.

Why Restorative Practices?

Research continues to demonstrate the beneficial outcomes of using restorative practice techniques in schools, rather than traditional punitive approaches, in response to student misbehavior. These include decreasing student delinquency, better academic outcomes, and improvement of overall school climate.

What Are Restorative Practices Quote

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Further Your Restorative Practices Education

Restorative Practices
in Action

Building relationships that are central to community

Addressing misbehavior and harm in ways that strengthen relationships

Focusing on the harm done rather than the rule that is broken

Giving voice to the person harmed

Engaging in collaborative problem-solving

Has a dramatic personal effect on practitioners and others involved in the process