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Practical Tools & Strategies

Escalation Thermometer | click image to download

How to use this tool: The anger tree is used to think about emotions that are underneath our anger. Often times, it can be easier for us to show anger instead of our other emotions that may be happening at the same time. These are different for everyone, but usually include potentially vulnerable emotions like confusion, hurt, fear, and loss. When to use this tool: When you feel anger, try to think about the other emotions that may be happening. See if you're able to express or name any of those emotions. You can also use this tool after a conflict where you felt anger- look back and try to identify what was happening underneath the anger.

Restorative Parenting Tips

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S1E2: Strategies for Everyday Conflict

Executive Director Beth Yohe gives tips and strategies that support productive problem solving in this very difficult and intense time.