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At the Center of Fostering Supportive Communities

I’m interested in volunteering. How do I get involved?

We invite you to become part of a growing and diverse organization committed to promoting healthy and peaceful ways of handling anger and conflict and strengthening relationships. Join us in our mission to promote peace and nonviolence by teaching and applying skills to manage conflicts peacefully.


There are many ways to get involved as a volunteer, working with adults or children. Volunteer jobs can be short term or ongoing. You will receive training specific to the volunteer job you choose and you are encouraged to try a variety of volunteer opportunities over time. We welcome you to join our community of diverse people dedicated to offering practical and creative ways to manage emotions and approach conflict in positive and effective ways.

Our Volunteers Receive…
● hands-on training and support
● recognition events
● educational opportunities
● meaningful work
● personal growth
● connections with amazing people
● opportunities to acquire new skills
● the benefit of working in a wonderfully positive work environment!

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Our Volunteers are Saying...

It was immediately apparent what skilled professionals everyone was but more importantly, what kind and thoughtful people they all were. There is a warmth and sense of caring that everyone there possesses that you don’t always see in today’s world.
Linda Campbell,
Restorative Practices

Yes, The Conflict Center has impacted my life as well as the lives of my children and grandchildren. I became a Conflict Center volunteer, board member, educator and advocate. I have incorporated the lessons learned from The Conflict Center in my behaviors, bringing peace to my life and to my family members, friends and colleagues.
Mary Zinn,
Conflict Resolution Month in Colorado

I found that TCC was even more special than I had been led to believe and I loved Reading for Peace. As they say, the rest is history. And yes, I did serve on the board – for 9 years.
Sue Mitchell,
Reading for Peace, Former Board President

We have many volunteer opportunities that each require different training and time commitment. Time commitments vary from once a year to weekly depending on your interests and availability.

Many of our classes take place during evening and weekend hours and we can always use volunteers at our evening and weekend events.. Also, a number of program evaluation and fund development tasks can be done during evening and weekend hours.

There are many possibilities depending on your interests want to work directly in programs or to play an administrative and supportive role. We would love to talk with you in more detail to find a good fit for both of us!

We have a number of active committees including Advocacy, Program Evaluation, Fund Development & Marketing. Let’s chat about your interests and availability.

We require all volunteers to complete a Volunteer Application and basic background check. Once you have completed this paperwork we can talk about the next steps, depending on your interests and availability.