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Restoring Peace: Practical Tools for Parents and Families

This Restorative Parenting class focuses on providing parents with the tools and skills they can utilize with their children throughout different developmental stages through a Restorative Practices lens. These include: setting boundaries and limitations, listening and responding to show genuine interest/concern, problem-solving, and intentional relationship building. 

‘Restoring Peace’ utilizes the power of empathy to strengthen relationships, while at the same time teaching parents to hold their children accountable for their actions.  After this class, parents will have a solid understanding of the basics of Restorative Practices and how and why to incorporate them into their parenting. At The Conflict Center, we help build a community of support, where parenting challenges are normalized and parents can provide each other with confidence and shared learning experiences.

 Class Content

Class 1 – Relationship: What does it mean to parent with intention, and how can you leverage your values, parenting methods and strategies to build strong relationships?

Class 2 – Respect: How can you implement appropriate limitations and boundaries for you to encourage the development of mutual respect?

Class 3 – Responsibility: Why is it imperative to recognize your own triggers and responses to an escalated situation as a parent?

Class 4 – Repair: How do we respond when our child ‘misbehaves?’

Class 5 – Reintegration & Resetting: How can we create lasting changes with positive impacts on family members and family dynamics?


Benefits of Attendance Include:

  • Certificate of completion
  • Connection to a network of other parents/guardians
  • Participation in an exciting pilot program

Self Awareness/Ownership

  • understanding triggers
  • cooling down in the moment
  • expressing needs and concerns

Problem Solving Techniques

  • providing choices
  • understanding cooperative negotiation
  • creating learning moments


  • goal setting
  • age appropriate boundaries
  • listening intently

Upcoming classes can be found on our website here or by calling the front office at 303-865-5621.

A wide variety of folks sign up for the classes at The Conflict Center. While some people attend to fulfill a requirement from the court, others attend because they are interested in gaining new skills or improving their relationships. The resulting group brings rich and diverse experiences and stories, which adds to the class environment.

We welcome you to join our mailing list and ‘like’ us on Facebook to stay connected and learn about upcoming opportunities and workshops.

Course Completion and Requirements

 While this class is often used to fulfill a court ordered requirement, it is the participants responsibility to ensure this class qualifies for their specific situation. Each participant will receive a certificate after completion of the course.

For more information, please contact Rachel Protentis at Rachel.Protentis@conflictcenter.org or call 303.865.5633.