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Youth Advisory Board

The Youth Advisory Board will be formed by a leadership group of ten youth, ages 14-17, who will advise TCC’s youth programming and take active leadership roles in the community. The Youth Advisory Board runs from September 2024 to May 2025, and eligible youth leaders will be invited to participate for more than one year. Members will play an integral role in creating peer resources and will be instrumental in building and retaining a community of committed youth leaders who further the TCC mission.

A position on the Youth Advisory Board provides helpful leadership experience to impact the community while also building your resume for future career opportunities. The stipend for members of the Youth Advisory Board is $500 for the year.

Youth will have the option of learning about, advising, and actively participating in the creation of a variety of program areas at The Conflict Center including “Hot-Spot Mapping,” “Building Healthy Relationships – A Social Norming Model,” “Rethinking Conflict” and more! Additional assignments are also available in the areas of outreach, evaluation, event planning, and communication and marketing.

Youth who apply will be interviewed for a position and notified of their status. Members are also expected to “walk the talk” of The Conflict Center, utilizing the skills we teach to communicate directly, use creative problem-solving skills and help build a healthy and supportive work environment.

Applications are now being accepted for the 2024-2025 school year.

Check out the instructions and application below!

What Interns Say About Our Program:

“This was a very supportive learning environment. I was trusted and got access to a lot which felt empowering.”

“Various opportunities for leadership, networking and professional contacts.”

“I feel I was able to learn a lot and be challenged in my work as well as contribute in a positive way.”

“I was really excited to be interning here. I feel I was able to work autonomously which is important to me while also being part of a team and being able to work with others.”

When you apply for the Youth Advisory Board at The Conflict Center, here’s the process you can expect from us:

  1. Please fill out and submit the Youth Advisory Board application below. This application is all you need to submit, we do not need a resume or cover letter.
  2. When we receive your application, the Youth Programs Manager will review your application. The application will also be reviewed by members of the 2023 Youth Advisory Board.
  3. If interested, the Youth Programs Manager will reach out to schedule an interview within one week of receiving the application.
  4. After this interview, the Youth Programs Manager and members of the 2023 Youth Advisory Board will decide on invitations for the 2024 Youth Advisory Board.
  5. If chosen to become a member of the 2024 Youth Advisory Board, you will be expected to attend the first meeting at The Conflict Center on Saturday, September 14th from 11:00am-1:00pm as we kick off the program. If you are chosen to be a member of the Youth Advisory Board but cannot attend on that date, please reach out to the Youth Programs Manager as soon as possible.