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Audrey Nakata, Volunteer

I retired from my job in 2002 and after three years decided to do some volunteering.  I started volunteering at The Conflict Center in 2005.  The first job I did was help transfer the Library from Card Catalog to Computer, then labeling all the books and maintaining the inventory.  I also started helping the Executive  Director with filling out the deposit slips for all the cash and checks that arrived the prior week.   I then entered them into the computer software and sent thank you letters to the individuals donating to TCC.

I took a class and learned how to handle people when they start screaming at you for something that’s not your fault but they may be mad at someone else and start taking it out on you.

I specifically enjoy volunteering at The Conflict Center because everyone is so nice to me and always make me feel like one of them, by including me in all their extra curricular activities.

Audrey Nakata

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