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Carol Clark, Volunteer

My first contact with The Conflict Center was in the early 90’s through Sue Haskell and Patricia Laverty.  My efforts then were all craft related — a puppet and emotion baby heads assembled from old panty hose.  Also a beribboned wall hanging to hold volunteer name badges.

I continued to value the work TCC does, but from a distance for many years. In 2016, with the obvious growing failure of American’s to treat one another civilly, it became clear to me that I need to actually do something to support TCC in its efforts to promote peaceful, civil interaction among us. This knowledge led to my commitment to spend time weekly at TCC, helping with the administrative chores required to keep the organization thriving. This has turned out to be primarily bookkeeping chores.  The much appreciated side benefit is the interaction with members of the TCC community — staff and volunteers.  I am looking forward to helping the coming year (which really starts in September) unfold with new efforts from everyone.

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