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Jacob Sankara, International Intern

Talking about me now without mentioning The Conflict Center, means not telling the story at all – it has been part of who I’ve become.

It was indeed a place for meeting, exchange and a big learning point for me.

I met wonderful people willing to give up on their owns plans when it came to helping others.

We were culturally different but inside was the same heart that beat and loved in the same way. Hence the same passion that brings us together in this part of the globe.

I came to TCC excited to learn and left enriched, matured, confident and more convinced than ever about my passion.

I learned how to manage my own anger, and improved myself through the different classes. Now I am able to help others with the same need to understand and overcome the struggles in their own lives.

I am more than grateful because this experience has had a significant impact in my life as I begin to trust myself and my interpersonal relationships.

Since I have returned to Burkina Faso, I can’t wait to share this acquired knowledge.

In fact, starting in February, I will begin facilitating the Anger Management classes in my small community church.


Jacob Sankara was a full-time intern during the 17-18 school year as part of the MCC international intern program.  He lives in Burkina Faso.

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