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Linda Campbell, Volunteer

I began learning conflict resolution at TCC about 5 years ago. It was immediately apparent what skilled professionals everyone was but more importantly, what kind and thoughtful people they all were. There is a warmth and sense of caring that everyone there possesses that you don’t always see in today’s world. I took a number of conflict resolution classes and then was told that they were starting a Restorative Justice pilot program at Place Bridge Academy and I thought that sounded interesting so I got involved. I volunteered at Place Bridge Academy doing RJ for 2 years and now work doing RJ at another DPS elementary school. I also just started doing RJ with the Denver District Attorney’s office in the criminal justice world. RJ is an amazing process that helps young people learn how to heal the harm and restore relationships following a conflict. It it just what our world needs and I am grateful to The Conflict Center for helping me learn the process and provide this type of leadership in our community.

Linda Campbell

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