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The mission of The Conflict Center is to prevent physical, verbal, and emotional violence by partnering with individuals and communities to shift perceptions, attitudes, and behaviors through education and skill-building.  We accomplish our mission by teaching communication and conflict management skills to youth and adults across the Denver metro area.  Staff and volunteer trainers work with children, youth and adults in classroom, business and workshop settings that emphasize skill building and communication through experiential learning. 

The Conflict Center has many ways you can support our highly skilled team of professionals through volunteering, ranging from one-time events to long-term assignments.

The number of hours spent daily, weekly or monthly depends upon the specific volunteer role selected.  The Conflict Center provides hands-on training, orientation and support, plus a fun and positive work environment!

To learn more, contact the Volunteer Coordinator at

Main:   303.433.4983


Why donate to the Conflict Center? If you want to be a part of creating a more peaceful world please consider donating to The Conflict Center. We make peace practical and within the reach of all, and at the same time we thoroughly evaluate our programs to ensure their effectiveness. The need for social and […]

The Conflict Center offers a wide variety of volunteer assignments, many of which also present learning opportunities to fit the needs of different educational programs. We offer a range of unpaid internships  that can be individually tailored to meet each student’s needs and areas of interest. The following is a sample of the opportunities that […]

We take tremendous pride in our organization and the progress we have made in our community to extend the practical skills of peacemaking, conflict and anger management.

Our purpose is to nurture competent and empowered instructors to inspire behavior change in clients and achieve excellence in delivery of The Conflict Center curriculum. We invite you to become part of a growing community of individuals committed to promoting healthy and peaceful ways of handling anger and conflict and strengthening relationships.   This program is […]




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