"One newcomer in particular who just arrived two weeks ago, I understand spoke English for the first time in response to the pictures of a book being read. This is a good indication of the comfort level they had during this opportunity to share a book. Thank You."
Assistant Principal, Foster Elementary

Our Mission

The Conflict Center’s mission is to “prevent physical, verbal, and emotional violence by partnering with individuals and communities to shift perceptions, attitudes, and behaviors through education and skill-building..”

The Conflict Center promotes peacemaking.

The Conflict Center’s belief is that we are all called to be peacemakers, whether at home, at school, in congregations, in neighborhoods, at work or in the world. The Conflict Center’s staff, board and volunteers practice effective conflict management both internally and externally.

The Conflict Center is a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation, founded in Colorado in 1987. Over the years The Conflict Center has grown from a dream for a place that would enable all those who wish to learn the practical skills of peacemaking, to a well run organization with an effective Board of Directors, a diverse staff and a vibrant volunteer effort that makes a difference seeing almost 7,000 people every year.

Our Values

1) Peacemaking based in Justice.

2) Aspiring to treat each other with mutual respect in our relationships.

3) Violence prevention through education and skill building.

4) A commitment to quality.

5) To seek diversity and celebrate it.

6) Reach out to build a peaceful community.

7) Good stewardship and accountability.

8) Commitment to persons living in poverty.

We are here to make peace, to serve everyone who wishes our services regardless of their ability to pay. We aspire to achieve effective conflict and anger management and parenting in our families, communities and certainly our workplace. The Conflict Center is a violence free zone. We are opposed to the proliferation of handguns and assault weapons. The Conflict Center’s Board, Staff and Volunteers are expected to walk the talk we teach others.

Inclusiveness Commitment

At The Conflict Center, we believe that by valuing diversity we continue to enrich our-selves and our-society through bringing multiple perspectives, perceptions and views to the continued conversation. Diversity enriches individual growth and abilities to brainstorm and problem solve. Inclusiveness means that we value differences in ethnicity, race, gender, age, class religion, sexual orientation, and physical ability. We will create and implement programs that treat individuals and families with respect, that consider their cultural & language differences, and that meet their cultural & language needs. We will create an organizational culture that primarily desires to understand and then seeks to bridge gaps and transform conflict through creating a respect for diverse perspectives while honoring cultural knowledge. Through our work on inclusiveness we will increase our values of respect, relationship building, outreach, accountability, forgiveness and peacemaking. We will begin this work by committing anew to our mission of reaching diverse communities and individuals and engaging them in jointly learning and designing skills for non-violent conflict management. We will celebrate the diversity and inclusiveness that we already have and build upon this foundation to expand our efforts in a dynamic life-long developmental process.




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