"The Conflict Center is a very valuable resource to our school, staff, students, and community. I strongly encourage you to please consider The Conflict Center when you are evaluating programs for grants."
Teacher, Foster Elementary,

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"Wonderful classes, critical content, a life changing experience."

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"Not only have I taken there classes several times but I also interned, volunteered, and then became employed by The Conflict Center. Seriously, everyone, if you are looking to deepen an understanding of yourself, other people, and the world around you then this is where you need to be to learn healthy relationship dynamics that can of course be applied to your personal needs but I've learned to take their teachings and apply it to corporate America. Listen. Be Humble. And Apply with an eye toward solving problems and building relationships to make your world and other's a better place. But you HAVE TO practice. Learn the anger and conflict skills then practice, practice, practice--and each time you'll get better at it. GOOD LUCK!"

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"This place is amazing! Though they do critical front-lines peace work, staff is amiable, approachable, generous and real rather than the smug, academic idealists I expected. Material is common sense usable tools and facilitators most often teach from their own life experience. The self-awareness and self-care skills are so simple and fundamental, my 11 year old has easily grabbed hold of them. I look forward to taking more classes (rates are really competitive and affordable)."

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School Programs

"The Conflict Center has changed not only the way I look at the children’s attitudes but as well as mine on a personal note. It has had a big impact on our school and on me as an individual."

Teacher, Foster Elementary

"The Conflict Center is a very valuable resource to our school, staff, students, and community. I strongly encourage you to please consider The Conflict Center when you are evaluating programs for grants."

Teacher, Foster Elementary

"The training was fast-paced and active, it held my attention and I was able to learn and remember the skills and used them immediately. I was better able to help others identify and tackle problems and conflicts and move towards action and resolution. Anyone who works as a team should have this training."

Teacher, Cherry Creek Early Childhood

Reading for Peace

"I learned to just be yourself don’t fight it does not solve anything. Don’t try do be someone that you are not."

Jasmine, Student

"I learned that some people are better at things that you like but that you are not so good at. You should not get mad and if the person is bigger and meaner than you talk to them and try to talk to them try to put them in your shoes."

Ayla, Student

"I enjoyed the book that the teacher shared with us I loved the book Knight and the Dragon because the knight fights with the dragon the they become friends."

Kryster, Student

"I learned to be friends with others even if the people are not the same color or religion."

Tyler, Student

"Something I learned is that fighting is not the answer to everything and to be a bigger person."

Katalina, Student

"I have learned 2 lessons that if a bully bullies you that you should turn it around and ask them how they would feel if you did the same to them. I wanted to thank you for reading to us."

Ivy, Student

"Thank you for coming and reading to us about peace. I learned that if people are different from you, you could be friends with them also you can solve problems nonviolently next is to not fight even if you are the bigger person. We should solve our problems like men talking it out. All in all that is what I learned and I had fun."

Alfonso, Student

"Thank you for teaching me that we all have differences. We all need to forget our differences and learn to get along with each other and become friends. We should also make sure that everyone puts their option in before a decisions made. All in all you have taught me a lot we can have differences and still have a friendship with people that are different."

Brian, Student

"One newcomer in particular who just arrived two weeks ago, I understand spoke English for the first time in response to the pictures of a book being read. This is a good indication of the comfort level they had during this opportunity to share a book. Thank You."

Assistant Principal, Foster Elementary

Youth Classes

"I learned that communication is a big part of avoiding confrontation. People need to talk to each other to solve the problem. While I learned I couldn't control other people, I learned that I need to de-escalate my anger before it gets towards any violence. I will not be verbally, emotionally or physically violent."

16 Year Old, Youth Class Participant

"Before we came to The Conflict Center there was a lot of arguing, yelling, day-to-day stress, sometimes not wanting to come home or not wanting to be in the same room together. I now have a better understanding of my sons feelings and have learned several ways to communicate effectively with him that have helped in knowing how to support him in his problems"

Parent Participant of a Youth Class

"I wish I had the communication skills from these classes 3 or 4 years ago so I wouldn't have made some of the choices I had. I would have been able to actually talk to my dad about anything."

Ray, Jr., Participant of a Youth Class

"This course has definitely changed our lives as to the way we relate to each other. It helps people...and bottom line, we're all people."

Ray, Sr., Father of a Youth Class Participant


  • Love the activities + Interaction. Very good at getting everyone involved.
  • Great information for home and work role playing was very helpful.
  • A great learning experience.
  • An excellent overview of communication components.
  • Very informative, help me to understand mind over matter.
  • We have been taught some great techniques; I would love for our team to begin each day establishing emotion/psychic harmony through these techniques.
  • This training is very good and very valuable for all of us.
  • The breathing and relaxation exercise
  • Staff – funny, informative. Really enjoyed activities.
  • The instructor kept us engaged in the topic
  • Practical experiences.
  • All of this – very valuable info – you all seem to really enjoy what you do!
  • Very well put together
  • Very helpful for work and home
  • Mind opening
  • The training helped us work as a group for a common solution
  • Very professional and to the point
  • Very useful especially for our field of work
  • Organized, good educators, listened to our needs
  • Very good addressed relevant topics – practical
  • Very helpful, good role playing
  • Good, I learn how to listening careful and calm myself more
  • It was very comprehensive and covered a lot of topics, though most of them were more relevant to my personal life than my professional life.
  • Great, helpful. It was a reinforcement of tolerance/acceptance of others – reiterated what I learned in my psych class.
  • I felt it was helpful for everyone to help each other out. Peer support is the most effective. The training brought departments together.
  • It was good. I like how the facilitators empowered the group to assist one another and seek different perspectives.
  • The overall training was a perfect opportunity to re-visit our success and failures when dealing with difficult people.
  • Insightful, informative.
  • Workshop was very well prepared.
  • Good introduction to restorative justice

  • Adult Classes

    How the Class Helped Me

  • I felt that the material presented was helpful especially how much I learned about myself.
  • I learned how to identify which role I am in during a conflict: Persecutor, Rescuer or victim.
  • I learned cooling off thoughts and actions to help you control your emotions and anger.
  • I learned steps to understanding someone else anger and stopping the drama.
  • I learned every one deals differently with anger.
  • Overall Class Atmosphere

  • It was a very informational class I felt I could share my experiences openly.
  • I liked how we all talked about why we are here… the teachers were nice and do not judge.
  • The Instructors had great oral communication skills.
  • I liked the discussions and the handouts.
  • The presenters pay attention to the needs/situations of students.
  • The instructor discusses our feelings with us…and the examples for each individual were applied to lesson.
  • I liked Interacting in class.



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