Restorative Practices Program

Take a Restorative Practices workshop.

101 – January 31

Eventbrite - Restorative Practices 101



201 – February 28

Eventbrite - Restorative Practices 201



301 – March 28

Eventbrite - Restorative Practices 301



Our Approach to Restorative Practices:

Shifting from punitive discipline to restorative practices requires changes
in school values, culture and the behavior of a school. Our approach and
strategies focus on building skills within a school and reshaping the culture
where restorative practices are being implemented.


Our 5 strategies
















Our Goals:

In all of TCC’s strategies, we place a high value on results.
In our work with schools we expect to see positive increase in:
• The awareness of restorative practices for school leaders and staff.
• The capacity of school leaders to implement programs and policies
that promote restorative practices.
• The capacity of school leaders and staff to build infrastructure and
implement restorative practices.
• The capacity of schools to measure their progress on discipline
• The school’s capacity to sustain and restorative practices.

If you are interest in learning more about The Conflict Center’s Restorative Practice work, please contact Shelby Demby at (303) 433-4983 or at





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