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Activities for Your Holiday Gathering

Gathering with family during the holidays can be fun.  It also can be stressful.  One way to tip the scales towards a positive experience is to plan activities you can enjoy together.

Do you enjoy games? learning? Here are some ideas:

1. Create a friendly game of holiday trivia.  Research holidays that typically take place during winter.  See below for some links to get you started. Write down a few fun acts for each holiday and have participants match the facts to the correct holiday.
2. Play winter-themed charades.  Have each person write down winter and holiday-related clues (or chose from the holidays you researched above).  Take turns acting them out.
3. Sing your heart out.  Form two teams. Pick a word (like winter) and take turns coming up with holiday songs with the word in it.  No repeating songs.  Keep the fun going until one team runs out of tunes.

Does competition turn into unhealthy conflict in your household?  All these games can be played cooperatively. Or try a different activity like reading classic stories or singing carols.

Winter Holidays