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Conflict Center Board President Receives 9 Teachers Who Care Award

The Conflict Center is delighted to announce that our Board President, Michael Hoops, has received the 9 Teachers Who Care award for his work with students at Eagle Crest High School.  Mike makes a tremendous impact on his students by not just teaching science, which he has done for 18 years, but also by caring about his students and the problems they face in their lives, and by helping them develop the skills and strength to deal with personal issues that can present barriers to learning.

“Sometimes it’s all about the academics and the pressure with testing, all that stuff. I think sometimes the human side of students’ stories doesn’t get heard. They want that; they want to be heard. I hope I do that with my kiddos,” Hoops says.

Click here to view the video from Channel 9 News.

There is also a story and interview in the Front Porch neighborhood newsletter.

Congratulations Mike!!!

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