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Disability Services Resources for Restorative Contracts

Follow the links below learn more about resources related to disability services.

City of Denver Disability Services and Programs

A list of information about the various programs and services available in Denver, as well as criteria on who qualifies.

ARC Community Engagement Tour 2023

Disability Law Colorado and ARC of Colorado are conducting a series of
community engagement opportunities in key areas around the state to hear how they can help improve he lives of individuals with disabilities. List of dates and locations on the website.

Rocky Mountain Human Services

Nonprofit organization that empowers people with the resources they need to thrive, and to live the lives they envision in their communities of choice.

How to Get an Electric Wheelchair or Scooter Through Insurance

Information and tips/tricks to help with getting equipment through insurance.

How To Get Free Medical Equipment

Links to programs and nonprofit agencies that offer free medical equipment such as shower chairs, electric wheel chairs, walkers, canes, mobility scooters, manual wheelchairs, hospital beds, canes, and other items.

How To Get Free Home Modifications

A list of programs that provide free or low-cost home modifications to people who have disabilities or chronic health problems. Some programs may also offer home repairs or improvements.

How To Get a Disability Parking Placard

Tips and tricks to make getting a parking placard easier.

Step by Step Instructions to Apply for a Disability Home Aide

Information about applying for a program that provides free or low-cost home care attendants, along with a variety of other services.