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Contract Resources Directory

Financial Literacy Resources for Restorative Contracts

Follow the links below to learn more about financial literacy resources.

Financial Empowerment Program –
Servicios de la Raza

Provides free personal coaching to help clients reach their financial goals; their team provides support every step of the way to: open bank accounts, save for the future, change spending habits, increase credit scores, pay off debt.

Young Americans Center for Financial Education

Offers a signature “hands-on” approach to teaching personal finance, economics, and business was embraced by parents and teachers 20 years before “financial literacy” was defined on a national level.

Operation Hope

Addresses economic inequality, financial illiteracy, social injustice, inequitable access to capital and lack of financial dignity by providing opportunity for under-served individuals and small businesses for over 400 years in America.

One-on-One Coaching –
City of Denver Financial Empowerment Centers

Offers free one-on-one financial coaching and navigation that helps individuals, families and small businesses reduce debt, develop savings, establish credit, increase credit scores, access banking services and connect clients to city resources and programs.

Consumer Financial Protection Bureau

Resources and education tools so you can make informed financial decisions wherever you are on your financial journey.

Financial Literacy Services –
Colorado Department of Education

Offers resources to support Coloradans in financial literacy and encourages local school district boards to require personal finance courses and curriculum throughout the state, only about 25% of districts include personal finance in their approved graduation requirements.

Article: Guide to Financial Literacy

Discusses the basics of how money works, and how confidence impacts success with finances later in life;  encourages readers that it is never too late to start learning.