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Help us Honor Liz Loescher’s Legacy

“The Conflict Center began when Liz lost her job but not her vocation.” -Jim Laurie

The staff and Board of Directors of The Conflict Center are more dedicated than ever to fulfilling Liz’s vision of a more peaceful world.  The transformation Liz envisioned begins with the younger generation learning skills that propel the community towards peace.  At the request of Liz’s children, TCC established The Liz Loescher Legacy Fund to provide programs in low-income schools.  This fund is the focus of TCC’s year-end appeal, which may be viewed in PDF form here.  If you choose to support The Conflict Center you can help us keep Liz’s mission alive by clicking here and choosing the Liz Loescher Legacy Fund option.

You can also increase the impact of your gift by scheduling your donation to coincide with Colorado Gives Day on December 8, 2015.  During this 24 hour period any gifts made through the Colorado Gives online portal will be increased by a $1 million incentive pool offered by Community First Foundation and FirstBank.  Click here to learn more about how Colorado Gives Day works.

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