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Reading for Peace

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What is Reading for Peace?

Reading for Peace is a volunteer-managed and run program that is offered to elementary schools throughout the Denver metro area. Each Thursday afternoon during the school year, volunteers meet at a designated school to read with small groups of children. They visit anywhere from 4 to 8 different schools each year, reading with 500 to 700 students in 35 to 40 classes. Up to Three classes participate on a given day. Volunteers visit the selected classes for half an hour each. They divide the class into small groups equal to the number of volunteers, usually two or three children for each volunteer. Their time with the children is devoted to reading and discussing the books, specially selected to teach and reinforce the socio-emotional skills that are consistent with The Conflict Center’s programs. It’s not just the children who enjoy the groups—the volunteers also find the experience very meaningful.

Reading for Peace uses specially selected children’s books to teach peacemaking skills to elementary age students. Volunteers meet on a weekly basis to read to children in a variety of metro area schools. Books are selected to reinforce skills for problem-solving, friendship, feelings, empathy and kindness.

Training Schedule Commitment
Attend a 2-hour Reading for Peace Orientation Thursdays 12 noon – 3 pm

Sign up for those dates that work for you.

Ongoing throughout the school year
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