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Job Readiness Resources for Restorative Contracts

Follow the links below to learn about resources to support job readiness.

Workforce Services –
Denver’s Office of Economic Development

Provides a wide range of services to help Denver residents not only get a job, but build a career; hosts virtual and in-person job fairs to connect jobseekers with regional employers, training sessions, resume building and mock job interview workshops, etc. all FREE of cost.

Denver’s Works

Empowers the unemployed and those with barriers to employment to become self-supporting through job preparation and placement.

Servicos de la Raza

Assists clients in searching for and maintaining sustainable employment with a diverse network of employers from different industries, including, but not limited to software development, construction, and non-profit work.

Job Seeker Training Opportunities –
Colorado Department of Labor

Collaborates with the local Colorado Workforce Centers to offer free or supplemental support training and educational opportunities through grants and federal funding.

ReHire Colorado

Combines wage-paying work, job-skills training and supportive services to help individuals successfully re-enter the workforce and Colorado businesses connect with high-quality talent; serves as a bridge between local job seekers and businesses.

Colorado Employment First

Promotes self-sufficiency and independence by preparing Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) recipients for employment through job-seeking skills training, work experience and monthly job-search support activities.

Colorado Refugee Services Program

Facilitates the effective resettlement of refugees and promotes refugee advancement past self-sufficiency and to long-term integration; provides resources for refugees, asylees, community partners, and interested individuals looking for a way to connect.

Senior Employment Program

Provides a minimum wage while learning new skills and improving participants’ opportunities to become employed;  takes place at nonprofit and government agencies such as libraries, senior centers, schools and parks.

Colorado Works Subsidized Training and Employment Program

Connects at-risk populations who are eligible for basic cash assistance from Colorado Works (Colorado’s federally funded program providing temporary cash assistance for needy families) with crucial professional work experience and opportunities.

Cross Purpose

Offers career coaching, mock interviews, resume workshops, professional certification trainings, and connects participants with jobs to match their skills and interests.