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Aurora RJ Survey

City of Aurora, Restorative Justice Community Survey

The Conflict Center, a local nonprofit, was chosen by the City of Aurora to create a rollout plan for a restorative justice program in the city.

Restorative Justice focuses on community building and connection as a way to prevent, resolve and transform conflict. It invites communities to reimagine what accountability and repair can look like.

Much of this project is dedicated to information gathering. The information gathered from this survey will remain confidential and be used for the sole purpose of guiding the recommendations for the city of Aurora’s Restorative Justice  program. 

Click on the survey link below.  Once you complete the survey you will automatically be directed to a form to complete in order to receive a gift card in appreciation for your participation.

Click a button below to start the survey in your language.

For more information about this RJ project, visit EngageAurora.org