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Stress Relief Resources for Restorative Contracts

Stress Relief Resources for Restorative Contracts

Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction –
Zen Center of Denver

Mindfulness-based stress reduction (MBSR) is an evidence-based course developed by Jon Kabat-Zinn over 40 years ago at UMass Medical School. It is highly effective at helping manage stress, pain and illness, as well as finding more joy, ease and insight into one’s life, and has been shown to provide myriad physical and psychological benefits. This recurring eight-week class at the Zen Center of Denver is taught by Peggy Sheehan, M.D., who brings many years of experience of teaching MBSR programs at Kaiser Permanente, along with being a Zen teacher and one of the ZCD’s spiritual directors. Though offered at the Zen Center, this is a secular mindfulness course available for anyone interested in learning widely applicable meditation skills. Peggy offers a wonderful balance of decades of meditation practice, clinical experience and gentle humor.

15 Min Gentle Yoga for Flexibility & Stress Reduction –

This video take you through this 15 minute hatha yoga class for flexibility and stress relief. This is a gentle soothing yoga class to help you relax and stretch your body, great for all experience levels. No props are required. The class finishes with a few rounds of Box Breath. This can be a therapeutic yoga class to do when you’re experiencing anxiety and want to ground yourself.

Stress Relief Tips –
Mayo Clinic

Stress getting to you? Try some of these tips for stress relief.

Stress Self-assessment –
The American Institute of Stress

Feeling stressed? The place to start is to find out how stressed you are and more importantly, how you are effected by stress. The American Institute of Stress teamed up with Stressmaster International to offer a scientifically validated psychometric test called the Stress Mastery Questionnaire (SMQ). It formally sold for $75.00, but by special arrangement with this Institute it is now only $19.95 at Stress.org and AIS members can check it out for free. This confidential, online self-assessment test offers you analyses and personalized feedback on all your stress risk scores in the form of a 9 page Detailed Stress Report followed by a 66 page Stress Mastery Guide and Workbook. Using 87 psychometrically created questions, the SMQ provides a way to view your personal stress in 3 key areas with 11 unique scales.

Free Day –
Denver Zoo

Denver Zoo is offering seven (7) Community Free Days throughout 2023 for anyone in our community. To provide the best experience for all of our guests, we are offering a limited number of tickets for each Free Day, using an online lottery system. Anyone who wants to attend a Free Day must register online during the open lottery period for a chance to obtain up to five (5) vouchers for its corresponding Free Day.

Free Day –
Denver Botanic Garden

Free Days occur throughout the year, thanks to funding from the Scientific and Cultural Facilities District (SCFD).

Free Day –
Denver Museum of Nature and Science

Satisfy your science curiosity during our SCFD Free Days and Free Nights. No need to reserve your Free Day or Free Night ticket ahead of time online. Walk up anytime during Free Days or Free Nights and gain access to the Wildlife Halls or our permanent exhibitions. Feel free to reserve an online ticket if you’d like to visit a temporary exhibition, the planetarium or Infinity Theater (separate ticket required for each experience).

Free Meditation Series –
Denver Meditation

Free Virtual Meditation Experience For All; OnlineMeditationEvents.com, is offering free guided meditation sessions to help people manage their stress and learn more about this amazing method.

Yoga for the People

YFP is a non-profit organization that provides free accessible yoga practices to the Metro Denver Area.

How to Feel Less Anxious & More Peaceful –
YouTube Meditation

This is the meditation with Rick Hanson from his Wednesday Night Meditation + Talk. The focus was on How to Feel Less Anxious and More Peaceful.