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Stress Relief Resources for Restorative Contracts

Follow the links below learn more about resources related to stress relief.

Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction –
Zen Center of Denver

Provides an evidence-based course developed by Jon Kabat-Zinn over 40 years ago at UMass Medical School; it is highly effective at helping manage stress, pain and illness, as well as finding more joy, ease and insight into one’s life.

15 Min Gentle Yoga for Flexibility & Stress Reduction –

Guides viewers in a 15 minute hatha yoga class for flexibility and stress relief; this is a gentle soothing yoga class to help you relax and stretch your body and great for all experience levels.

Stress Relief Tips –
Mayo Clinic

Identifies techniques for stress relief coupled with why the techniques are effective; the recommendations are curated to be easily accessible for any reader.

Stress Self-assessment –
The American Institute of Stress

Offers a tool to find out how stressed you are and more importantly, how you are effected by stress; the test is available for $75, but discounts can be arranged.

Free Day –
Denver Zoo

Welcomes the public to the Denver Zoo for seven (7) Community Free Days each year for anyone in our community; it is recommended to book tickets for these free days in advance.

Free Day –
Denver Botanic Garden

Invites the public to stroll through the botanic gardens a few times each year; check the website for upcoming free days.

Free Day –
Denver Museum of Nature and Science

Hosts visitors for free during days and nights; visitors have access to to the Wildlife Halls or permanent exhibitions. Reserving tickets online in advance is recommended.

Free Meditation Series –
Denver Meditation

Offers free Virtual Meditation Experience For All via OnlineMeditationEvents.com; these are guided meditation sessions to help people manage their stress.

Yoga for the People

Gives free accessible yoga practices to the community members in the Metro Denver Area; classes are typically offered outside.

How to Feel Less Anxious & More Peaceful –
YouTube Meditation

Relaxes the mind and body with a guided meditation by Rick Hanson; the purpose of this meditation is to support participants in “How to Feel Less Anxious and More Peaceful.”