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Welcoming Moses from Zambia

My names are Simbeye Moses. I’m from Zambia and live in the southern part of the country in a small town called Choma. Currently, I’m with Southern University as a B.A scholar in the discipline of Peace and Conflict Resolution. Plus “World History” as my other field of study. I have six more months to get to completion with my B.A studies.

I worked with the Mennonite Central Committee with Peace Clubs back home. Peace club is a non-profit making organization that entirely aims at developing, researching & implementing proactive peace education relevant to young people and the community at large and empowering skills and knowledge of peace and conflict resolution. The organization also carries out Dispute and Conflict Prevention Management, plus, raising social, culture and legal consciousness.

During my time of work, I experienced great privilege of exploring and analyzing critical issues that tore apart the solidarity of our people in community and schools and developed alternative ways of addressing conflicting situations. I worked closely with high schools and elementary schools; the correctional facility as well as the community. I carried out a variety of projects during the course of my work. Some of the projects that I carried-out where to train inmates and Prison Ward Officers with peace and conflict resolution skills and facilitate good relationships between inmates and officers as well as help them (inmates) get connected well with their families and rebuild their broken relationships. My experience working with inmates to some sense really transformed my perception and view on the subject of Restorative Justice.

Community involvement is an exciting opportunity for me. At the community level, I worked closely with community leaders as well as members. Basically, emphasized and encouraged community members to see conflict as an opportunity for growth and new life strengths. Helped them understand conflict both at a broader spectrum and additionally how they can resolve and transform their day-to-day conflict and how they can live harmoniously with one another in their gift given communities. Some of the other projects that were done is training and facilitating negotiation and mediation skills; intervening when conflict erupted amidst.

My coming to the US and working with The Conflict Center is to learn from each person my life gets in touch with and share my knowledge about how we can address conflict and disputes in a nonviolent way in our everyday life so that we can to some high degree live harmoniously. I believe every little step we make, brings a big difference if wholeheartedly done. The great enthusiasm and passion to work for peace grew immensely after the unjustifiable experience years ago. And also having witnessed and read some of the injustices in my community and the world at large, my spirit is ever hungry to do what is just and conflict and chaos free for all humanity regardless of their status quo, for I have gotten to know that life is a precious gift from God.

I anticipate far, that my time of being in the US, working with The Conflict Center and the community as a whole, will further increase my knowledge and skills about peace and justice.

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