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Summer Restorative Justice Workshop Series starts June 5

The Conflict Center will offer a series of three Restorative Justice workshops this summer, starting with Restorative Principles I on June 5.

This workshop teaches the fundamental theory of Restorative Justice, a value–based approach that includes communication, reparation, reintegration, healing, responsibility and most of all respect. The process gives the victim a voice and the opportunity for reparation and healing, being able to ask questions to the wrongdoer in a guided and safe environment. It also provides the possibility for the wrongdoer to take responsibility for his/her acts and be part of the decision making to repair the harm in a constructive way.

This workshop will be held on June 5, 2015 from 8:30am – 4:30pm at The Conflict Center, 4140 Tejon Street in Denver.  Fee for this workshop is $99.00 until June 1, and after that date increases to $120.00. For more information or to register, call 303-433-4983 or visit

Watch your e-mail for information on additional RJ workshops:

Restorative Principles II: July 1, 2015

Restorative Principles III: July 31, 2015


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Garden Tour Guidebook App Q & A’s

Q: Why should I download the App vs. having the paper booklet this year?

A: The Garden Tour is trying to go Green!!!! The App has so many great features and the maps are very easy to read and use. We are hoping that you will be able to navigate the app with easiness. If you have any problems or questions, do not hesitate to contact us.


Q: What are the perks of downloading the App?

  • A: Those of you that access the App, will receive all kinds of coupons from vendors within Northwest Denver. We will be adding coupons on a weekly basis. But in order to get these, you must show the App!
  • Notes: you will be able to take notes along the way. If you see something you like or want to jot down an idea, with will be very easy to do on the “Notes” section.
  • Pictures: Same with taking photos, you will be able to take photos and have them linked up with you notes.
  • Interactive Maps: the maps will be interactive, which means you will be able to touch one of the houses on the map and all of the information about that home’s garden will be right in front of you.
  • Silent Auction Items: Via the App, you will get a sneak peak at all of this year’s silent auction items.


Q: How often should I check or open the App?

A: You should start looking at the App on a weekly basis, as we will lbe updating the “Coupons for You” section weekly.


Q: When will you have access to the Maps?

A: The maps will be accessible on the day of the tour.


We hope this clears up some confusion and answers some of your questions. Again, feel free to contact us with any problems or other questions.

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New evaluation results for 2014 program activities

2014 Evaluation Results of The Conflict Center’s Programs

The following is a summary of the 2014 evaluation results for each of The Conflict Center’s program areas. TCC continually evaluates its programs and is engaged in ongoing efforts to strengthen evaluation tools and procedures. Programs include School services, Emotional Intelligence and Critical Decision Making (Youth), and Turning Anger and Conflict into Allies (Adult).

TACA Adult Multi-session/Series Program

  • What we found (Adult): The TACA courses had 72 valid pre to post survey data comparisons. The survey scored measured a positive improvement in all three domains of Anger Awareness, Self-Efficacy, and Conflict Management. All questions indicated a statistically significant (p<.03) difference in the positive.
  • Effect Size: As a standard measure we calculated Cohen d effect size, which measures the strength of the impact of the classes.   The effect was large to extra large on 4 questions, medium on the majority (12) questions and small on the remaining 2 questions.
    • The greatest effect was an increase in clients reporting they know what steps to take to resolve conflicts in healthy ways.
    • Clients reported increases in abilities to see the other persons point of view, striving for both people to have their needs met when in conflict and knowing their physical signs of early anger.
  • 8 out of 10 adults who complete our program show significant increases in their ability to manage their anger, manage conflict and solve problems. (2014, data)

Smart Parenting Class Series

Pre and Post Data Analysis:  We provided a 6 week Smart Parenting Classes to Parents on the following topics: Class 1: Parenting With the End in Mind, Class 2: Parenting With Encouraging Choices, Class 3: Parenting With Effective Decision Making, Class 4: Parenting Through Misbehavior, Class 5: Parenting Through Power Struggles, Class 6: Parenting As a Team, class also covered topics such as Anger Management, Conflict Resolution Skills, and Communication Skills.

Out of 33 questions we show statistically significant change in 12 questions.  We show the following results for a matching sample size of 58 participants.  Below are the questions for each domain and the results documented for the past year.   This data shows that even with a small sample size on all areas, we show statistical significance positive change is occurring.

  • Anger Management
    • I know what triggers my anger
      • .002 positive shift (small)
    • I know my physical signs of early anger
      • .014 positive shift (small)
    • I believe anger is a natural emotion
      • .011 positive shift (small)
    • I am aware of how I handle anger affects others in my life.
      • .038 positive shift (medium)
  • Conflict Resolution Skills
    • I gain something when I cooperate with others
      • .018 positive shift (small)
    • I know what steps to take to resolve conflicts in a healthy way
      • .036 positive shift (small)
    • I am able to express myself in a non-blaming way
      • .023 positive shift (small)
    • My body postures shows that I am open to solving a conflict
      • .002 positive (small)
  • Family Connectivity
    • My child misbehaves just to upset me
      • .003 positive shift (small)
    • When I discipline my child, I lose control
      • .028 positive shift (small)
    • I am happy being with my child
      • .006 positive shift (small)
    • My child and I are very close to each other
      • .012 positive shift (small)
    • I am able to soothe my child when he/she is upset
      • .023 positive shift (small)
    • I spend time with my child doing what he/she likes to do.
      • .002 positive shift (small)

[1] Significance is on a 95% confidence level.

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