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What … Peace Day?

Date: May 4, 2011

by Maria Fenton

Those readers who have been around the Conflict Center for more than 10 years may remember Peace Day Events. Some newcomers may be hearing about Peace Day Events for the first time. In either case, the Conflict Center is happy to host their first Peace Day Event in over a decade at Place Bridge Academy on May 11, 2011.


Peace Day is a day of celebrating and thinking about peace, what it means, how it looks and, what actions are needed to create it. The Conflict Center brings together staff, interns, and trained volunteers to run Peace Day activities, crafts and co-operative games with elementary school student’s grades K- 5.


In an interview with the Conflict Centers Schools Program Coordinator Vickie Samland, she was asked, “Why did you choose Place Bridge Academy to host Peace Day?” She stated,  “We chose Place Bridge Academy out of the five schools that we service locally for several reasons, however it was not an easy choice. First they utilize and play a considerable role in the Denver community. They have over 1000 students accommodating over 63 languages from all over the world. They consider themselves a mini UN.  We thought, what could be a better school with such a diverse culture to address and have fun with peace, peace making activities and conversations.”


Place Bridge Academy is a Denver Public School and one of the few Newcomer Centers in the nation that educates American and refugee children from over 40 different countries from around the globe. This years Peace Day is anticipating 29 classrooms to rotate through several stations. This day could accommodate nearly 688 students, 29 teachers, 30 volunteers, 7 interns and 8 staff. All of whom are ecstatic for the opportunity to celebrate peace.


Ron Ludwig, the Executive Director of the Conflict Center, said, “I was at Place last week to visit the school and this is a very exciting learning environment with many unique programs and students. It is eye opening to be at Place and Peace Days are a long-time activity conducted by TCC in schools.”


This event will send students and staff of Place Bridge Academy into the summer with thoughts of peace. If you have any interest in volunteering to participate in Peace Day at Place Bridge Academy on May 11, 2011. Please contact the Conflict Center to learn more about this event. Please also note that your time with the students at Place Bridge Academy makes a difference. 




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