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Anguish and Anger: TCC Honors George Floyd

The Conflict Center shares the anguish and the anger that has manifested in communities across the country since the murder of George Floyd on Memorial Day. We honor George Floyd and recognize the importance of speaking clearly and insistently about the unacceptable violence that took his life and the unacceptable systemic racism which fuels a cycle of violence and inequitable treatment against black people and other people of color in the criminal justice system. We also recognize the importance of remembering George Floyd, not only in his tragic murder, but also by remembering him, a man know by most simply as Floyd, and his life as a son, a father, a grandfather, a friend who is mourned by loved ones.

We join the chorus of voices decisively calling for justice and change. As an organization, we continue to strive to build communities that work collaboratively toward de-escalating conflict and building a community in which restorative practices are the norm and applied in an equitable framework. We are clear that communities cannot do that work and be in relationship with one another without acknowledging race and structural inequities.

We know that this work must happen on the systemic and individual level at the same time.  Many of us are working to process our feelings and understand our rage, frustration, sadness, and fear which are undergirded by the additional stress and anxiety of living through a global pandemic.  

We recognize the importance of giving space for those feelings. We also know that we must engage in deliberate, ongoing conversations about racism in our communities. These conversations are often difficult and emotional, and that is the work of addressing conflict. They require that we center the voices of those most impacted and listen deeply for the truths which we have been afraid to confront.

In support of the important work of deep reflection and dialogue, we offer a number of resources both from TCC and from others leading this work.  


Resources For Understanding and Reflection

Article: A Timeline of Events that Led to the 2020 Fed-Up Rising

Blog: Unrest

Video: George Floyd, Minneapolis Protests, Ahmaud Arbery & Amy Cooper | The Daily Social Distancing Show

Podcast: A Decade of Watching Black People Die

Resource: Guidelines for Being Strong White Allies 

Resource: 31 Children’s Books to Support Conversations on Race, Racism and Resistance


Additional TCC Resources

Addressing Conflict Virtually

How to Have Difficult Conversations

Moving to Dialogue

Identifying Underlying Emotions

Tension Release


Links for Addressing Immediate Needs (Local, not exhaustive)

Medical Supply Donations for Black-Led Efforts  Drop off sites available in BOTH west and east Denver. PM https://www.facebook.com/SURJDenver/ for date and time you will drop, and which address you need.

Bail Fund for Denver

For People of Color: Daily space for healing during BLM’s week of action this week (June 1-5) at 10am MST each day to be viewed on BLM 5280’s instagram page: @BLM5280