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We’re currently looking for new board members!


The Conflict Center, a nonprofit based in Denver, CO that equips people with practical skills to navigate, transform and embrace everyday conflict, is seeking board members to help advance the mission of the organization. 

Board Member Responsibilities:

  • Attend regularly scheduled board meetings (typically 11 annually) and attend the annual board retreat.
  • Serve actively on at least one board committee. If serving as the chairperson of a committee, report committee progress at each board meeting. 
  • Participate in board activities, generally, and attend meetings and Conflict Center events. It is estimated that board participation requires a commitment averaging four hours per month. 
  • Observe Conflict Center programs to ensure familiarity with skills and educational content taught by The Conflict Center.
  • Read all Executive Director reports, board minutes and other materials and keep informed of programs and developments.
  • Contribute financially in support of TCC activities each fiscal year.  There is not a set contribution level; however, board members are asked to make a meaningful financial contribution and include The Conflict Center as one of their top three donations (charitable causes) each year.
  • Advocate for and promote The Conflict Center’s mission and program. 

The board would benefit from a variety of skills such as accounting, fundraising, grant research, marketing, and legal. While having board members with experience in these areas is beneficial to TCC, it is not absolutely required. If you have a passion to serve and learn, please consider applying.

If you’re interested, click “Apply Now” below to fill out the application. Thank you for your interest!

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