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Restorative Practices in Schools
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Conflict_Center The Conflict Center

Conflict is an opportunity to solve problems and build relationships.



The Conflict Center’s (TCC) focus is on group, classroom, community and systems level prevention and intervention services, serving people of all ages. TCC offers a wide range of direct and indirect service assignments in the programs outlined below. We are looking for interns who have an interest in learning both direct and indirect tasks to impact a specific program area. Internships are tailored to meet both the agency’s and intern’s needs.

Restorative Practices in Schools: TCC creates strong partnerships with schools and school districts by offering a comprehensive Five-Strategy Approach that includes Assessment; Planning; Training; Coaching; and Evaluation. Interns will have the opportunity to gain knowledge and experience with all of these approaches in partnership with school staff to integrate the programs into the fabric and culture of their school. Interns will focus on program development, assessment, observation, proposal writing, data analysis, and may have opportunities for co-faciltiation and training.

Restorative Denver Program: This is TCC’s newest program, working in partnership with the Denver District Attorney’s Office to offer an alternative to the traditional punitive court process and incarceration system foradult misdemeanor and felony cases. Interns may assist with program development, case management, volunteer coordination, facilitation, training and evaluation/data analysis.


All interns are required to complete a basic background check prior to starting any training or assignments. A more extensive fingerprint background check may also be required for those interns working intensively in Denver Public Schools. Interns are also expected to “walk the talk” utilizing the skills we teach to communicate directly, use creative problem solving skills and help to build a healthy and supportive work environment.

TCC requests that interns commit to a minimum of 2 semesters/3 quarters or a full academic year



The following trainings are available to all interns and will be tailored based on individual interests, scheduling and assignments:

  • Adult Skill Building class series
  • Three-day Restorative Practices series (required)
  • Additional assignment specific training sessions
There is an opportunity for interns who are interested in these program areas to gain knowledge and competency at a level where they could join TCC’s contract staff as trainers and facilitators after their internship is completed.
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