About the Conflict Center

Founded in 1987 The Conflict Center has grown from a dream to a place that enables all those who wish to learn the practical skills of peacemaking. Because conflict is inevitable, we are not an organization without conflict, but we walk the talk and manage it. We are committed to our mission and our work is based on our values. The Conflict Center teaches communication skills, consequences, negotiation, anger management classes, conflict management, and assertiveness. Participants learn to handle daily hassles and conflict effectively, to take concepts and ideas into the real world and translate them into productive, successful, nonviolent actions and behaviors.
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Programs & Classes

For over 25 years The Conflict Center has been providing programs to the Denver and Colorado Community. We strive to help people use conflict as an opportunity to grow, learn, and create positive change in their lives. The Conflict Center believes that we all have a role to play as peacemakers in our homes, schools, congregations, workplaces and communities. Learn more about our programs including Anger Management Classes for adults, and Emotional Intelligence & Critical Decision Making classes for youth.

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